Grange urges public support of Africa Day

Kingston, 24 May 2022 – The Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, the Honourable Olivia Grange, has called on members of the public, including government Ministries and Agencies, to celebrate Africa Day tomorrow (May 25) by wearing Africa-themed dress and hairstyles.

Minister Grange said “Africa Day is an occasion to re-ignite our ties with the Continent and strengthen Jamaica Africa relations.”

The Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport and the Ministry of Education and Youth are leading the celebration of Africa Day this year.

Using the template of Jamaica Day, schools have been encouraged to promote activities to celebrate our African heritage and culture.

Under the theme 'Jamaica-Africa: One Family’, Africa Day seeks to present the African influence on Jamaican culture and heritage.

This year, Jamaica’s celebration of Africa Day will focus on Ethiopia (based on its connection with Rastafari), Ghana and Nigeria (source of most of the Africans enslaved and transported to Jamaica) and South Africa (based on the role played by Jamaica in the campaign for the release of Nelson Mandela and the elimination of apartheid).

In this regard, schools are encouraged to research and create exhibitions on the culture and heritage of the selected countries. Students, teachers and parents are encouraged to wear African-themed dress and hairstyles.

The National Feature School is the Mona Heights Primary School which will stage a ceremony celebrating the theme from 9.00 am. The school will also hold exhibitions and displays throughout the day, including: Fashion Shows, Culinary and other displays from the African Continent, booths representing the four focus countries, storytelling, drumming, dancing and music.

Minister Grange said she was happy to be working with the Minister of Education and Youth, the Honourable Fayval Williams, and the National Council on Reparation in the celebration of Africa Day 2022.

According to Minister Grange, Africa Day 2022 “presents a unique opportunity to celebrate the contribution of our African ancestors whose flames of freedom still course in our veins and promote unity with a Continent with which we are determined to chart a future of sustainable prosperity.”


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I remain hopeful because of the giftedness of the Jamaican people; their warmth and creativity; their dynamism and indomitable spirit that have resulted in excellence in all sectors.

It is by tapping into the gifts and awakening the spirit of the Jamaican people that we will, by God’s grace, re-group, re-engineer and re-open to a brighter future with Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport.

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